Mochi Adoption

Mochi came to RHS with four of her siblings, originally pulled off the streets and then rescued by the parent of a previous foster. Mochi was fostered with all of her siblings until only she and Bill remained after just about a year. Luckily for Mochi, her waiting paid off… She was spotted on Petfinder and immediately caught Kyle Smithson’s eye.

Not only was Kyle swept away by Mochi’s adorable bio and photos, he was entirely prepared to adopt Mochi! He actually had his application ready several days before even meeting her. He got his chance to turn in the app and meet Mochi in-person at one of our cat-only events earlier this month.  At the event, Mochi came out of her crate and was very sweet and attentive to her future parents so we moved forward with a home visit!

Mochi will now be an only pet but we are confident that she will get lots of love and attention from her new dad. Kyle has a caring family that helped pitch in to get a food kit and he has plenty of toys, litter, treats, and food to help keep her happy.

Though wasn’t quite ready to show off with her new family tonight, we managed to snap a photo of her sneaking out from under the couch, one of her playing, and a photo of her new parents. Everyone is happy! 🙂

As always, a HUGE thank you goes to Stephanie Hickey and family for fostering and, of course, a big congratulations to Kyle and Mochi!