Molli Schroeder

A tribute post to my Sweet Molli. You stole my heart the day we met…. (Peanut had to grow on me, but don’t tell her that). Thank you to Richardson Humane Society. Embracing a revolving door of foster siblings and seeing my heart through countless meltdowns (while only causing a few)…your childhood is the reason I met Doggy Pet insurance…All in all I have no words for the void I feel in my house and my heart. Play nicely with your sister, brother and all of your 4 legged predecessors at the bridge. Where there are an endless supply of magical bunnies to chase, with your body now made whole. Fifteen and a half years…i know you stayed at least 2 of those years for me! I was blessed to have had you in my lIfe. I love and miss you my Sweet Molli, Mama, Walnut. xoxo. <3

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