Moxie Huffman

We lost our dear sweet Moxie today. Adopted from RHS in 2003 as “Bluebonnet,” we watched a while and determined her name should be Moxie. Many years of laughter, walks and fun. Moxie has been very healthy until about one month ago. She suffered a very severe and acute outbreak of pancreatitis. We survived that but learned at that time that there were two masses on her liver. Due to the location and Moxie’s age it was determined to wait 3 weeks to do another ultra sound to see if the mass would grow. Moxie started refusing to eat this past Friday and had a marked decrease in energy. Yesterday her stomach was distended so back to Trinity Mills we went today. It was quickly determined that Moxie has lost of 50% of her blood supply and it has deposited into her belly. The determination was that the masses were in fact cancerous and were bleeding internally. The only way to know 100% was to open Moxie up for an invasive surgery.
We opted to sit with our old girl and hold her while she crossed the bridge. Not surprising, she still wagged her tail and gave kisses to the very last minute even though so was so uncomfortable.
Thank you to everyone who has asked about Moxie. Our hearts are broken and we are devastated.
Dana and Mel
Moxie Huffman Moxie

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