Noelle Guille

Noelle Guille
Noelle was tag #614 (we are on tag #2413 now) and she was fostered by Randy Thomas in 2004.  Noelle’s adopter, April, is now a vet in New Hampshire.  She wrote a beautiful letter to let us know about Noelle’s passing:
“There is likely no one there who will remember my dog, Noelle, but I figured you all might like to have a reminder of the beautiful dogs you help.  Back in 2002 – 2003, I worked at Dallas Surgical Center on my way to becoming a veterinary surgeon.  Your rescue group had a dog, Noelle, who was lame despite surgeries on her ankle.  She came to our hospital for a tarsal arthrodesis.  Your group decided to spend the money on her because of her beautiful personality.  I was the veterinary intern taking care of all of the in-hospital patients that weekend.  I had never had my own dog, never really felt the desire, until I met Noelle.  I adopted her, managed her post-op recovering and had almost 15 beautiful years with her.  She was my loyal companion through my residency, marriage and the birth of 3 children.  She traveled everywhere with us and was welcome in all our friends’ homes.  She went hiking, canoeing, climbing and camping with us.  We even bought a bike trailer and modified it so she could go on bike rides with us.  She continued to be an orthopedic mess – bad hips, a cruciate rupture, elbow dysplasia, back issues in addition to her ankle OCD lesion.  She also had IBD and I removed a mast cell tumor and hemangiopericytoma.  Amazingly, despite Rottweiler genes, cancer did not get her.  Her body failed her and she simply get around anymore, despite 4 pain medications (8 total meds), acupuncture, laser and PT.  But her personality was the best.  She was the best dog ever, and, although it was her time, I still miss her.
Despite her health woes, she had a great, long life with me and my family.  Thank you again for entrusting her with me.
April Guille, DVM, DACVS”

Enjoy, and thanks for ALL you do!
Martha Denton

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I received this note today from April Guille, who adopted Noelle.  April is now a vet in New Hampshire and wanted to notify us of Noelles passing.

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