Richardson City Council Discusses Dog Park

The City Council expressed support for a proposed dog park on 6 acres near the President George Bush Turnpike west of US 75. At a Monday work session Council members reviewed two possible locations for a dog park in Richardson, concurring with the Parks and Recreation Commission’s recommendation. The proposed site is centrally located within Richardson and is accessible off the US 75 southbound frontage road.
The preferred site for the proposed dog park is on right-of-way land owned by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), which is occupied by President George Bush Turnpike and US 75. The proposed dog park will be constructed under the highway interchange west of US 75. In order to use the right-of-way for an additional purpose, the City must enter into a license agreement with TxDOT. The Council also reviewed a plan to put a dog park on 5 acres in Breckinridge Park, but chose the TxDOT property instead.
The $1.4 million project could be ready to bid as early as spring 2014 with construction complete in the fall of 2014. The dog park is expected to feature several elements, including seating, waste disposal stations, water fountains and security lighting.

A dog park was listed as a high priority for Richardson residents in the 2010 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan, a system-wide plan for Richardson parks. Members of the Park and Recreation Commission visited several Metroplex dog parks in the past three years to create a list of best practices and develop a plan for a dog park in Richardson.
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