Tara Adoption

Tara was one of four adorable, white, shaggy pups who spent the first several months of their lives in a backyard. They were surrendered to the Richardson Shelter, and that’s where Richardson Humane Society came in. Although the pups were shy and a bit withdrawn, they never showed any signs of aggression to our volunteers or the staff at Pooch Hotel, who fostered the pups, groomed them, and continued work on their socialization with people and other dogs.
Once these four adorable pups were posted on the RHS website, it did not take long for our e-mail to “blow up” over these sweet, neglected puppies! Over 60 inquiries and 30 applications came in via email. More than 20 families came to visit them at their one and only appearance at our Meet The Pets event, and most had wonderful applications. It was hard to select their forever homes from all the families who wanted them.
Tara, the only female of the pups, went home with a dog-loving family, who has another poodle mix at home to play with Tara and show her the ropes of become a cherished pet. The mom and daughter volunteer at Operation Kindness, and the family has lots of knowledge and patience to teach Tara all she missed as a young pup.

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