Tesla Adoption

Another kitty found their furever home!

Tesla came in with Aja back in August 2015, and these two girls toughed out being two of the only kitties with RHS for a long time! Aja found her sweet spot with a lovely woman last year and we’ve had quite a few adventures with Tesla since! I can tell you she’s never really shown a liking for anyone at events and she made that known! Well, we all know it’s just because she loves it right where she’s at… Home with Nancy and Randy, plenty of siblings (including our very own, Pixie!), and lots of foster love to go around!

I asked Nancy when she brought Tesla home to foster and she sent back this adorable message below. Congratulations, Thomas family!…

“Tesla came to us in August 2015, we found her between our fence & our neighbors, a tiny sweetheart that soon took over our hearts…well mine anyway. She’s be described as brat, she has to be in the middle of everything. She wakes me every morning without fail between 5-7am, even when I have explained to her that on Sat & Sun we can sleep in, but booboo. She brings joy to our household and manages to be a brat each & every day in some way.

I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life, despite her brattyness I love her dearly. I promise to give her a good home and continue searching her soul for the princess I know she has buried deep down…hahahahaha!!”

Two pictures attached are from Tesla’s adoption. We tried to see if she’d be willing to come out, but she was happy just with a look around. :’)  The kitten pictures are Tesla as well! She’s not that small anymore, but it’s no wonder they fell in love with such a cute little gal they’ve watched grow up into a beautiful adult kitty. 🙂

Tesla Adoption 4-9-17 Tesla and Foster-Adopter Nancy Tesla as a kitten Tesla