Tuck-a-Luck Hickey

A sweet but scruffy senior boy came into our program in 2008(?) who had lost his older gentleman to this place called heaven. He really loved people, especially men, He and food, ANY food. He was more then happy to sit up pretty for any treat, although his foster family perhaps enjoyed that too much and at times he got a little too chubby to sit up pretty easily. What he did not like at first was other dogs. This made it difficult because his foster mom seemed to insist on keeping her own and having others. He did not seem to mind the buff flopped eared dog at his new mom’s house too much and to his new mom’s surprise, curled up at her feet with the dog she referred to as Barkley and said he was a cocker spaniel. Tuck loved going to events and meeting new people but he would growl and complain because why in the world did there need to be all those other dogs there? He even went to stay at this place where they had nice people and some lady that could speak his language, but all these other dogs he could see through glass walls. His mom would come and see him and would look so sad to leave. So she brought him back home and told him that the lady who spoke his language was something called a psychic and she told him that she knew he liked to do crosswords with his older gentleman and she thought that would be nice if he stayed with her furever to do that. She seemed somewhat sad and the flopped ear dog was not around but mom loved him so. He learned to stop attacking the little puppies she brought home by making an extremely wide path around them after he got in trouble one too many times. He loved his walks and sleeping in crates and food…he really loved food. And in the end he really didn’t know about much but he still loved food and he still knew mom loved him with that very last kiss of the nose. Hopefully there is an old gentleman and a scruffy old dog somewhere doing a crossword puzzle.
Tuck-a-Luck Hickey 2 Tuck-a-Luck Hickey

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