Wren Adoption

Wren Adoption

Pretty Chi-mix puppy, Wren, has been adopted!  She decided that her foster family was the right family for her so they made it official last evening!  🙂

Now known as Biscuit, she joins a busy household with 2 teenaged human siblings, an older chocolate lab named Charlie and a Chi/Pug named Arlo who is her best friend.  There’s always a lot going on at that house and the dogs are always right in the middle of it.  Her mom, Jaleah, says that Biscuit is “vivacious,” outgoing and loving – she always needs to be touching people.

Jaleah did a DNA test on her:  40% Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher (no surprise there), but also Pekinese, CHOW CHOW (?) and 8% Rottweiler!  Maybe the Rottweiler accounts for the long supermodel legs!  

Thanks to Nancy V who fostered Wren, mama Fern (now Fi) and brother Heath (now Tito) when they were rescued from the Denton Shelter!

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