Ace Adoption

Sweet puppy Ace is one of the three “Golf Puppies” (Ace, Birdie and Caddy) rescued from the Red Oak Shelter in October, and while he was the last to find his forever home, he hit the jackpot today!  Ace went to live with a Mom and Dad and two kitty sisters (Charlie and Patton).  He’s got a stay-at-home Dad who is looking forward to watching sporting events with Ace, and a Mom who will spoil him silly, buying him all manner of toys and taking him on 2 mile walks every day.

Thank you to The Vet House for boarding Ace and clearing up his (and his siblings’) skin issues, and to all the foster Moms who busted him out of boarding to give him love and cuddles in their homes:  Dana and Melanie, Julie and Jennifer, and Andie Butler.