Cheyenne Adoption

We had a special Sunday afternoon adoption today for sweet puppy, Cheyenne!  She has a new sister that many of you will remember – Andie’s foster, Rumer (now known as Sophie), who was adopted almost exactly one year ago today.

Sophie’s dads recently lost their other dog to illness and they were worried that Sophie would be lonely.  So they started looking for a friend for her; Cheyenne caught their eye and they put in an application.  The two girls met this afternoon and they happily played and played and played until they were both worn out; since they got along so well right from the start, it was decided to make it official then and there.

Cheyenne’s new dads haven’t quite had time to determine if they’ll keep her name or change it; they’ll see how things go once everyone settles in.

Found as a stray and surrendered to Vet House, Cheyenne was fostered by Brooke and Colton Stubblefield.

Thanks for another amazing foster job, Brooke, and thanks to Andie for going on the home visit and pinch-hitting with the paperwork!