Finley Adoption

Finley Adoption

Our sweet shepherd mix, Finley, was adopted by her foster mom, Mary!

After losing her dog, Hunter, to old age, Mary offered to become a foster. She wasn’t ready to adopt another dog but wanted to open her heart and home to a pet in need. Fostering Finley wasn’t without challenges, though. Rescued from a hoarding situation where she lived outdoors in a pen her whole life, Finley didn’t know how to be a pet. She couldn’t climb stairs, wasn’t house-trained and didn’t even know how to eat out of a bowl. She suffered from some medical issues as well and was extremely shy and introverted.

Once her GI issues were cleared up, Finley was sent to trainer Dawn for socialization to help overcome some of her fears. Finley learned that other dogs could be her friends, and although she is still a little timid around new dogs and people, she has made huge strides.

After about 4 months of work, Finley was ready for adoption. But she wanted to stay with her foster mom, and Mary agreed – Finley was right where she should be. They are now a happy family of two, living their best lives together. Mary said, “I look forward to helping Finley become the most confident, best version of herself. I’m so happy with my ‘foster failure’!”

Thank you to Cindy for rescuing Finley, to Dawn for her amazing training work and to Mary for loving Finley enough to see past the rough edges to the beautiful, amazing dog she is now.

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