Gia Adoption

Gia Adoption

In March of this year, just as Covid-19 was sweeping its way across North Texas, we had a couple of dogs in boarding that we desperately wanted to get into foster care before the shutdown. One of those dogs was Gia. Gia was “discovered” by Holly at the Colin County shelter – Gia was a staff favorite, and Holly is a sucker, so the next day Dana pulled her.

Gia is a sweet, beautiful dog whose only fault is that she really, truly could live her life without another dog anywhere near her. This made it hard to find a foster…but up stepped Vidya and Naren who didn’t have a dog, and had never had a dog, but like many of us had just been told to shelter at home and thought…why not?

So shelter at home they did. And while they sheltered they would walk Gia, and feed Gia, and play with Gia and, well, ultimately fell in love with Gia. And today, they adopted Gia. They picked today because this is Naren’s birthday weekend, and Gia was his birthday wish.

Thank you to Vidya and Naren for taking a chance on Gia, Holly and Dana for taking a chance on Gia, and thank you the staff at Velvet Snout who loved her for the time that she was there.

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