Hank Williams, Jr. Adoption

Hank Williams, Jr. Adoption

It’s with a heart overflowing with happiness that I share the news that, AFTER 16 MONTHS in foster care, Hank Williams Jr. was adopted.

Hank is a very special dog with very special other dog skills: there is not a dog too big, too small, too shy, too old, or too grumpy that Hank cannot coax into play – he loves them all. People though? They are a different story – unfamiliar people make him very nervous, and he barks loudly to make them go away (and they usually do). This has made it very hard to find a home for Hank.

But last month he had to go into boarding because his fosters were no longer able to take care of him. He stayed with a couple with a lot of other dogs (as you would expect from people who board dogs for a living), but not a lot of people. Perfection. It was there he met his soul mates Michael and Sara and their resident dog Billy. After a month they decided he need never leave.

We often say that the perfect family is out there for each of the dogs in our program – that it just takes longer for some than others – and it’s true, they are.

Our deepest gratitude to Niki Vem and Anagha Kulkarni who fostered Hank for most of those 16 months and to Noah and Rachel Johnson, former adopters of Molly (of Molly’s Mob), who took him in when he was initially pulled from the shelter. And thanks to Nicole Kohanski who never says no when we ask her for help.

Honestly, there aren’t adequate words to express our gratitude to all of you for helping us save this goofy, black dog.

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