Louie (fka Lupito) Denton

Louie (fka Lupito) Denton

My sweet Louie died peacefully in his sleep on Sunday, February 16, 2020.
Louie (formerly Lupito) was pulled from the Fort Worth Shelter and treated for heartworms by All Texas Dachshund Rescue in May 2011. He was about 6 years old when I started fostering him that year. He quickly became a “foster failure,” and I knew he would never leave.

In his prime, Louie was my “great hunter,” surprising me with all sorts of live gifts from the backyard, including worms, small snakes, lizards, and frogs. If he could sneak one past me at the back door, his newly-acquired little outdoor friends would end up on my couch and other inconvenient places in the house.

Louie had slowed down over the past year or so and had gone deaf and partially blind. He went from loving the outdoors to being a bit fearful of sudden noises, wind, shadows, and other dogs approaching him. He could no longer hear me calling him and had a hard time finding his way. It was sad to see the changes in him, but he was always sweet and loving. Not a mean bone in his body.

Thanks to All Texas Dachshund Rescue for pulling “Lupito” from the shelter and to the vets and staffs at Veterinarians Dental, Banfield, Arapaho Road Animal Clinic, and Animal Medical Center of Richardson for caring for him.
Thanks to Pat Rotundo, Deb Bosco, Dory Ingram, Jeane, Jennifer, and John Rannabargar, and Stephanie Hickey for helping out with Louie and my other pets when I was away.

Thanks to my nephew John and great-niece Ally for loving him, too (special props to John for helping me relocate more than one critter from my home).
Louie will be especially missed by his best buddy – my chihuahua Frost. They could usually be found cuddled up together.

Lou, I pray your hearing and sight are restored and your hunting skills renewed on the other side.

Love you, funny little buddy.

His Mom, Martha Denton.

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