Maizy Adoption

Today we had our first ever adoption AT an adoption reunion picnic (making it a shoo-in for the Most Recent Adoption trophy)!  Maizy was adopted by the Cook family who adopted puggle, Moose, several years ago from RHS.  After Moose lost a short battle with cancer, the Cooks came back to RHS and fostered Reese Espieces.  While attending an MTP with Reese, Mary and Anna met Maizy and fell in love.  They took the opportunity to interact with Maizy some more while taking Reese to day care at Velvet Snout and decided to make Maizy a part of their family.  They will keep her name; Mary feels that it suits Maizy and she responds well to it, so why change a good thing?

A rescue from the Balch Springs Shelter, Maizy spent most of her time with RHS boarded at the Velvet Snout.  Thanks to Dana Huffman for rescuing her, to the great staff at VS for caring for her and to everyone who busted her out for breaks, walks and rides to MTP!