It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Roo. A dog who never made it out of foster care, but had more love, and gave more love, than many of our dogs that do.

Roo, a sassy, sweet girl packed into a small, 38-pound package, was pulled from the Collin County Shelter back in early 2020. A staff favorite, she’d been there for a while but was continually passed up. She caught Holly Twitchell’s eye, and that was it, we pulled her for rescue.

Roo’s journey with us took her on a path of many loving foster homes. First with Stacey Zbinden Schroeder, where we discovered Roo did not appreciate the company of other dogs. She spent the next six months loved by Anagha Kulkarni but had to move again when Anagha’s two dogs came back to stay with her after a sojourn in California.

Roo’s final home was with Moria “Mo” Senteney and Betsy Hicks – two young roommates who had no other dogs, but a whole lot of love. It was there that Roo was diagnosed with a disintegrating disc and kidney disease. This was a bit of a blow, and it meant Roo would need extra special care, trips to the vet for fluids, and a special diet and medications. She lived with Mo and Betsy for two years. She became a part of their life, and their home was her home. They loved her dearly and love her still.

We lost Roo to kidney disease this past Tuesday. Moria, Betsy, and Holly were there with her in the end, to see her over the bridge.  Mo and Betsy made this sweet video in homage to this girl who touched so many lives.

Godspeed, Roo, and thanks to all who crossed her path and moved her lovingly along the road and over the bridge. Special thanks to Leasa Isom who managed her medical care so thoughtfully, and to Holly Twitchell, who saved her in the beginning and was with her in the end, with many visits in between

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