Rufus McGee Adoption

2019 continues to be off to a great start with our 3rd adoption this week – Rufus McGee!  Our handsome blue heeler mix was adopted and (just like our heeler Blue who was adopted a few weeks ago) he has a red heeler sister to play with and keep him company!  We’ve already gotten a picture of Rufus and his new canine sister, Dakota, playing happily together in their new home.

Rufus also has 2 human siblings to love on.  His new dad mentioned that Dakota loves to wake the kids up in the morning by sitting on them; she’ll no doubt find her task easier once she shows Rufus how to do it, too!

They will probably keep Rufus’s name since he’s used to it and (you have to admit) it is a pretty cool name.  😉

Rufus was rescued from the Balch Springs Shelter.  Dana had noticed him and, when she realized he was growing more and more despondent in his shelter run, she made the decision to pull him to RHS even without a committed foster.

Thanks to Jenny Kraus and her family who stepped up to foster him once he was in the program.  We know it was hard to let him go, Jenny!