Spunky Baker

Spunky Baker

From her mom, Laurie:

Although I knew this day was coming, I was still not prepared. Although we spent 18 years together, it was not long enough. This morning, my sweet Spunky went to be with her brother in Heaven.
She was by my side thru loss, moves and trips. She went to Colorado several times, Winnsboro countless times, and we had one wild night driving thru Kansas, with tornados around us (that night she got the nickname Toto). She was by my side, as I fought and beat breast cancer. And, she grew up with my nieces and nephews, and she loved them so much!

Thank you Lisa Santangelo Hooper for being her first Mom and loving her, till I found her.

My heart is broken, but I thank God for letting me have her for 18 years.

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