Zeplin Adoption

Zeplin Adoption

Since the coronavirus entered North Texas things haven’t quite been the same. Most of the dogs we used to see at our adoption events, or hear about on our FB page, but things now are a bit more quiet, and our dogs are not quite as well known. Zeplin “Zep” is one of those dogs.

Zeplin is a gorgeous, sweet young pup whose only fault was a family who was moving and surrendered her to the Ft. Worth Animal Shelter. The daughter of that family happened to know the daughter of one of our fosters (Jackie Schlegal who fostered Molly and “Molly’s Mob” of 7 heeler pups) and tipped them off, so Jackie and daughter drove to Ft. Worth and saved Zeplin from a questionable future.

Zep was fostered first by Jessica LeCroy and then by Adam Sanderson after he saw Jessica’s post of Zep on Nextdoor.com. Adam had been thinking about getting a dog, and after a few weeks with Zep knew she was “the one”. Because he wanted to take her on a weekend getaway over July 4th, Cindy Chadwick and I did a shotgun adoption Wednesday evening to make it official. We believe the couple will live happily ever after.

Big thanks to Jackie for rescuing Zep, Jessica & Adam for fostering her, and thanks to all the “behind the scenes” folks working overtime to make sure the dogs get their medications, supplies, social media exposure and vet checks (Leasa, Holly, Cindy, Gladys, Amy).- Jenny

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