Happy Beginnings

Quinn Adoption

Quinn, the first of the Treasured Ten pups to be adopted, was fostered by Jennifer McClelland and Johny and Yvonne (and cared for by Martha as well!).  She is the only baby in her new family’s life and they were very excited to bring her home. ...

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Harlie Adoption

We had a very, very special adoption – Harlie, our first Single Lady to ‘put a ring on it’!!   When Holly and Pat met with a potential foster for Harlie, we all hoped it would turn out to be a good place for her to live while she continued her...

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Rodger Dodger Adoption

Handsome orange kitty Rodger Dodger has found his forever home!  His new mom reports that he’s super loving, purrs a lot and follows her around the house.  She’s sent some adorable pictures of him making himself right at home! Rescued...

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Brodie II Adoption

Brodie’s new mom wanted to rename him Elvis (’cause he ain’t nothing but a hound dog!) but the rest of the family liked Brodie, so he will now be Brodie Elvis!  He joins a family with several kitty siblings, a retired dad and a...

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Dixon Adoption

Dixon never even made it out to MTP. He knew all along that the family that rescued him was the one he wanted to stay with! Thanks to the Dickson family for rescuing, fostering and then adopting this sweet boy. He will now be known as Bodie...

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Manolo Adoption

Nolo decided that she wanted to make it official and stay right where she is! Back at the end of September 2016, Tara Jackson reached out to the neighborhood on NextDoor for help with finding Manolo a new home. Being with RHS, I offered to see if...

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Charlie Anderson Adoption

Adorable Charlie Anderson was rescued by volunteer Leasa Isom in March 2016. Leasa said, “I had the windows open and heard a cat meowing. I went out with a flashlight, but the light must have scared him, and he ran into the darkness. I went...

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Rayna Adoption

  Sweet little terrier, Rayna was adopted by the Sarchet family who also adopted Scruffy Valentino from RHS many years ago. Her new family plan to keep her name but add a middle name to honor Scruffy’s memory; she will now be known as...

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Ember Adoption

Sweet tortoiseshell kitty, Ember, decided that home was definitely where the heart was and will be staying with her foster family forever. Thanks to Stephanie Hickey for fostering Ember when she first came to RHS, and to the Villarico family for...

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Wishbone Adoption

Our lucky boy, Wishbone went to forever home this week.  He was hit by car and had a broken bone, but RHS came in time to rescue him and brought him to full recovery. A nice couple came last week to look for a playmate for their dog, Teddy and...

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Gary Adoption

Precious Gary went to his forever home tonight! Thanks to Bob Wykes for transporting him to MTP last Saturday and giving him a chance to meet his new family!  Gary will be the only dog of a very, very sweet couple!

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