Happy Beginnings

Birdie Adoption

Sweet puppy Birdie was fostered by Misty Pearson.  Birdie will have a cat and two active kids to grow up with.  The kids were so excited to take Birdie home that they asked every 30 seconds weren’t we done with the adoption contract...

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Luna Adoption

Pretty little Luna, fostered by Randy and Nancy Thomas, had a bit of a struggle to get healthy, suffering from heartworms and a cherry eye, but she was all tail wags today, decked out in a purple harness and snazzy rainbow leash!  Her new sister...

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Elvis Adoption

We wondered what was taking this cutie pie awhile to get adopted.  Seems he was waiting for this sweet couple to come along.  His new mom works at one of our MTP host stores, where she saw Elvis and fell in love.  He’ll have another dog to...

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Monte Adoption

Tiny little Monte went home with a first-time dog owner.  The adopter has lots of friends that have dogs so Monte will have some doggie buddies to hang out with.  Thanks to Bob and Pat for fostering Monte.

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Skylar III Adoption

Sweet Skyler found a great home with a young, single woman.  This is her first dog since she has been on her own.  Skyler’s adopter likes to walk so Skyler will get lots of exercise.  Thanks to Dawn, Joseph, Tony, the Cortez family, and...

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Bella Mae & Kingston

Bella and Kingston, the precious bonded pair of chihuahuas that a man was trying to sell basically on the side of the road a couple of months ago (luckily Leasa happened upon him and he let Leasa take them) was adopted by their foster mom who...

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Fritz Adoption

Fritz went home with a very nice young man who is a first time dog owner. He has a lot of friends with dogs so Fritz will have some other dogs to play with. Thanks to Tracey Huffman and family for fostering Fritz.

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Gary Adoption

Gary was adopted  by his foster mom, our friend Dawn Ostendorf, who manages Pooch Hotel. Gary is there with her most of the time, along with pals Olaf (also adopted from RHS) and Ruger.

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Biskit Adoption

Biskit was adopted and will be on the road a good part of the time with her truck driver dad, Troy.  She did a “trial run” with Troy for a week to see how she would adjust, and she did great.  By the time Troy and Lauren brought...

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Chance Adoption

Chance was fostered by a former RHS adopter and he will have several other dogs to play with. Thanks to previous foster Yvonne Ngo and then the McKnight family for welcoming Chance into their family.  Chance decided not to come to MTP today but...

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