Happy Beginnings

Primrose Adoption

Primrose came into the RHS program in June 2016 when Richardson Animal Services called Bob and Pat Wykes and asked if RHS could take in two small dogs – one was a little yorkie named Harley (who became Esther), and the other was an adorable...

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McGraw Adoption

And another lucky dog gets his Happy Beginning!  Sweet, furry McGraw was adopted this afternoon and his new mom may look familiar; Teresa used to foster for RHS before she moved too far away to easily get to Saturday MTP events.   She had been...

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Dandelion Adoption

Dandelion is the last of Bubbles’ D-puppy litter to find her Happy Beginning.  She joins quite a pack at her new family’s home – a sister dog named Kiwi and 4 cats!  The young ladies in the photo are her new human cousins who wanted to be there...

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Blue Bell Adoption

Bouncy little Blue Bell was a mess when she was pulled from the Balch Springs shelter; she suffered from giardia, was matted and infested with fleas and the hair near her tail was mysteriously shorter than the rest of her fur.  Once she was...

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Dillon Adoption

Anyone that has met Dillon knows that this cat is very sweet, gentle, and loving (not to mention, handsome). He walks funny, likes to stretch, and can be mistaken for a “magnet” with the way he follows you around sometimes, but he’s a charmer...

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Freddie Adoption

Today we had another very special adoption: our sweet lover-boy, Freddie, has found his fur-ever home!! Freddie and his brother, Brutus, were wandering the streets of Dallas together as very young pups; the boys briefly landed in the Balch...

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Jaxon Adoption

Jaxon was adopted today! Jaxon was rescued from the Balch Springs Shelter when they put out a call for help for a dog with an apparently broken or dislocated leg.   The vets determined that the leg wasn’t actually broken, but Jaxon was suffering...

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Mochi Adoption

Mochi came to RHS with four of her siblings, originally pulled off the streets and then rescued by the parent of a previous foster. Mochi was fostered with all of her siblings until only she and Bill remained after just about a year. Luckily for...

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Lady Tinkerbell Adoption

Our gorgeous Sheltie, Lady Tinkerbell, was adopted as well!  Her new mom lost her dog Boomer in July, and she said the house was just too silent and empty to be without a dog for long.   She plans to keep Tinkerbell’s name, since it suits her...

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Izzy Adoption

Sweet little Izzy also went home on Saturday.   Although she is currently the only dog in Mr. Montgomery’s life, he has adopted from RHS twice in the past, and we know she’ll have all the love and spoiling she deserves. A rescue from the Sachse...

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Demo Adoption

Handsome Demo was adopted by the Barrett family.  He’ll be the only pet in his new family’s life, with a teenage human brother for him to play with and love on.  For now, they will keep the name Demo, but it may change as he grows and his...

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